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Mindfulness – Online Course - March

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By connecting with the present moment, the now, mindfulness can be a powerful tool to release creative insight as well as to reduce stress and enhance the ability to reflect. Using techniques evidenced by neuroscience, the course enables you to see how you can reset your anxiety and let go of negative self-talk.

  1. Develop a simple mindfulness practice that will significantly boost focus and performance
  2. Use mindfulness exercises in stressful situations to stop the fight or flight response and re-establish clear thinking
  3. Use mindfulness to press the clear button and pause the constant clutter of modern life

Book your place now on this must-attend interactive online course lead by Beth Wood from Mind Fitness training and co-author of Unlock You, published by Pearson.

March 17th 2021 at 2.00pm to 3.30pm

  • £35 Per person
  • £30pp to Ukie Members (Use Discount Code UKIE)

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