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AIME - Association for Interactive Media & Entertainment

  • What is AIME?\r\nAIME is a UK based not-for-profit trade organisation representing the commercial interests of member companies involved in the interactive media and entertainment industry – where consumers interact or engage with services across converged media platforms, and pay for services or content using a variety of micropayment technologies.\r\nWhat does AIME do?\r\nAIME promotes excellence in the world of Interactive Media and Entertainment. The purpose of AIME is to create an environment of consumer confidence and trust within which our Members’ commerce can flourish within a framework of a strong Members’ code of ethics. This is achieved by facilitating member forums to identify barriers and opportunities existing for growth. AIME has several forums that bring together the entire Interactive Media value chain, often within a particular sector (e.g. Broadcast, Charity, Mobile Betting & Gaming) to prioritise issues that will drive Industry growth and members’ revenues.\r\nHow is AIME different to other trade bodies?\r\nAIME has a membership that represents the entire value chain – from the providers of information and entertainment to the network operators and technical service providers that deliver and bill them to customers. No other organisation has such reach or representation.\r\nOur Mission\r\nWe will uphold AIME’s code of ethics and create an environment of consumer trust and confidence in which our members’ business can grow. We will facilitate communication and engagement throughout the value chain to ensure a coordinated Industry approach to excellence and success in Interactive services.\r\nOur Network\r\nThe AIME network encompasses all members of the interactive media value chain, from network operators to technology or application providers, to broadcasters and content publishers, to value-added services providers and regulatory authorities. Members of AIME work collaboratively to address key industry issues and to build a trusted business environment, encouraging investment, creating new opportunities and developing business partnerships.

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