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Win a free live action trailer for your game from DOLPHRAGON

Dolphragon and Ukie have partnered up to announce a promotion exclusively available for all Ukie members. 

Sign up for our contest to be eligible to win a paid-for live-action trailer for your studio’s next game release. All costs will be covered, from the script process to filming, to VFX.

Each year, video games and film become more and more intertwined. The two mediums are evolving in tandem to define how stories are told now and in the future. At Dolphragon, we’ve watched this gradual transformation of the gaming landscape and have discovered how live-action trailers are changing the way audiences view games. Whether it be a short 30-second glimpse or a 5-minute film, showing your game’s characters and world in live-action can instantly communicate the energy and feeling of the game to consumers.

Of course, every marketing campaign requires a traditional gameplay trailer (after all, gameplay is king) but for studios that place importance on story, character, and immersion; a live-action trailer is pivotal. Dolphragon are promoting this contest in order to show the UK game community that we practice what we preach.

Find out more about the rules and how to enter here.