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Ukie signs up to #LevelUpMentalHealth initiative

Today marks the launch of Safe In Our World’s #LevelUpMentalHealth initiative. It’s aim is to create and foster worldwide awareness within the video game industry and eliminate the stigma around employees who live with mental health conditions.

This is a relevant aim for the UK games industry. While there are so many positives about working in games, 31% of respondents to our games industry census self reported that they were suffering some form of mental health condition.

This is just one of the reasons why we at Ukie have signed up to the initiative. As well as wanting to make sure that we are, internally, taking mental health in the workplace as seriously as possible, we also want to encourage a healthy conversation about mental health at work – especially with the challenges presented by lockdown life.

There are a number of ways that we hope we meet the key elements of the pledge, especially pertaining to work we do as a team and in terms of signposting:

  • We have a dedicated mental health check in time each week to allow team members to confidentially talk about any concerns they have
  • We have a social committee running to ensure we have fun activities to bring the whole team together
  • We've shared links to key resources to support individuals at work with mental health issues, including to hotlines and sites where people can talk about their challenges
  • We have supported the running of mental health first aid courses for individuals in the industry, including within Ukie

But with maintaining good mental health such a key part of our day to day lives, signing up to #LevelUpMentalHealth provides a valuable extra push to ensure we continue to prioritise it in the workplace; wherever we call work at this time.

If you’d like to sign your business up to #LevelUpMentalHealth too, head to https://safeinourworld.org/level-up/ for more information.