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Ukie Student Game Jam 2024 Award Winners

The Ukie Student Game Jam was a creative challenge for our student members to create an original video game in 32 hours. In partnership with Playground Games, we set the theme of 'integrity’. Each team of up to six students was paired with an industry mentor to guide and support them through the Game Jam. Over 165 students took part across 40 teams, and we received 37 submissions! Check out and play all the game entries on itch.io.

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the Ukie Student Game Jam 2024

WINNER: Taketh, Giveth by Reckless Ferrets 

BEST MOMENT-TO-MOMENT GAMEPLAY: error404 by the lonesome cowboy 🤠 

TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT: Trash Toppler by The Game Dev Wizard Alliance 

Read on more to find out more about these brilliant games. 

WINNER: Taketh, Giveth