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How to get involved in Games Careers Week!

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This is the first Into Games Sessions - a quarterly training and workshopping session for UK games industry to learn how they can inspire the next generation of diverse game-makers to pursue a career in games!

Our first session will focus on what you can do to support Games Careers Week, a UK-wide online festival for inspiring young people and help them learn more about jobs in games.

We'll be joined by speakers from across education and industry who will be sharing tips, tricks and advice for supporting young people with things like:

  1. Being a great mentor
  2. Giving helpful portfolio feedback
  3. Generating dynamic workshop ideas
  4. Producing your own video content

These sessions are free and regular to help support industry who are passionate about inspiring the next generation and lending their skills so young people can learn more about the amazing world of game development.

These sessions are run by Into Games, the non-profit carers service for the games industry - connecting the dots between education and industry for the UK's most underrepresented young people.

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