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Managing Anxiety - Online Course - April

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The reality of working from home while trying to cope with schooling children, maintaining relationships, dealing with the constant stream of worrying news and simple cabin fever is a million miles from the idyllic no-more-commuting dream. We must not underestimate the stress that we are all under as we try to cope with unprecedented change to our lives.

This is an essential course to show you how anxiety occurs and how you can keep yours under control. It will give you a range of simple coping strategies to help you stay strong and productive and maintain a level of positive mental health.

  1. Manage stress more effectively
  2. Challenge common beliefs that undermine resilience
  3. Retain a more positive mindset and a belief that you can cope

Book your place now on this must-attend interactive online course lead by Beth Wood from Mind Fitness training and co-author of Unlock You, published by Pearson.

April 14th 2021 at 2.00pm to 3.30pm

  • £35 Per person
  • £30pp to Ukie Members (USE DISCOUNT CODE: UKIE)

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