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Companion Group

  • Companion is a game development studio who specialise in multiplayer game development and backend services. We are experts at building Live Service games from concept to post launch.

    We understand what it takes to build games that stand the test of time and specialize in cost optimized server architecture, matchmaking, data analytics, security, networking and general multiplayer enablement. We hire ans retain the best gameplay engineers in the world.

    The Companion Group prides itself on demonstrating knowledge via execution, expanding game studios teams with highly skilled Unreal Engine (C++), Unity (C#) and backend architecture and services engineers.

    Our team consists of some of the best developers from some of the biggest companies in the industry. We’re talking former Xbox, Amazon, Google, Tencent, EA, Improbable, Creative Assembly, Supermassive.

    Not only are we able to build fully customized solutions from scratch, but we have a deep understanding of the products available on the market, including popular services such as Playfab, Accelbyte and Gamesight as well as some of the lesser known options. So, whether you’re building a complex multiplayer or a deep narrative-driven single player experience, we’re here to help.

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