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ESG Gaming

  • ESG Gaming is a regulated, not-for-profit and with no-share holding Community Interest Company. Founded in 2021, our vision is to ensure that consumers worldwide possess the skills, knowledge, resilience, and tools to engage with digital entertainment in a safe, responsible, positive, and inclusive manner.

    We are undertaking research around player protection and inclusivity within video gaming, esports and the metaverse. Our research will be extended to understand if esports can help reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people and slow down the onset of dementia. In addition to research, ESG Gaming is developing an externally evaluated and accredited educational programme aimed at parents to promote player protection for family members. Finally, are also creating externally evaluated and accredited educational programmes for older players to bring families together through video gaming, esports and the metaverse.

    Despite ESG Gaming being a not-for-profit organisation, we also donate up to 25% of our surplus. This enables other not-for-profit organisations and creators to contribute meaningful programmes and content for our sector. In year our first year, we donated £2,000; in our second year we donated £37,000 and in our third year, we hope to donate up to £50,000.

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