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BFI National Lottery strategy consultation: have your say

Ukie has long had a great relationship with the BFI and has, over the years, worked with them on how they might better support the games industry as part of its mission. The BFI is now holding its second stage of consultation on the development of its new 10-year National Lottery Strategy to run from 2023 to 2033, setting out what it wants to achieve as a distributor of funding over this period.

In addition to a series of online-only zoom sessions from towns and cities around the UK hosted by Ben Roberts (BFI CEO) and Harriet Finney (Deputy CEO), you can sign up to attend a focused session for the games industry on 18 May 9.30-11.30 to hear your views and feedback on the funding framework for the strategy, asking if it is fit for purpose given the way in which screen storytelling is rapidly changing, with new formats emerging and interacting.  This is important because the BFI may consider whether there is a role for National Lottery funding in working with video games, interactive and immersive, as the UK's moving image culture evolves.

If you are unable take part in this games sepcific session, you are welcome to attend any of the wider screen sector consultation discussions and also contribute your views via an online survey being run by the BFI with BritainThinks and which is now open. 

For more information on those events, to read the full consultation document, book onto the zoom sessions, and take part in the survey, check the link to BFI Next Up.