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Access November: A first look at the accessibility campaign's key events

#RaiseTheGame have this week announced the flagship events for the Access November campaign: a brand new movement to inspire games industry professionals and companies to make their games and services more accessible, as well as champion representation of disabled and neurodiverse people both in the stories that games are telling and within the teams that make them.

Events will include a collaboration with AbilityNet TechShare Pro, Europe's largest accessibility and inclusive design conference, to support the video games related content and talks taking place during the event.

These activities are designed to provide opportunities and resources to help organisations think more inclusively and consider untapped demographics, such as those from disabled and neurodiverse communities, to expand audiences, talent growth and outreach efforts.

Take a look at the full list of events - and be sure to check back as more become available:

  • AbilityNet TechShare Pro: Media Representation Of Disability Hybrid Event, 15 November: How does media representation of disability affect the work of accessibility and inclusion advocates? TechShare Pro looks to explore this question through a range of live talks and networking.
  • GamePad Online: Live From Samsung KX, Saturday 19 November: GamePad Online is an exciting all-ages, livestreamed watch party celebrating video game culture from the comfort of your home. #RaiseTheGame has partnered with mayamada to deliver a panel about games accessibility for the event.
  • Access November 2022 Workshop Series: Auditory Accessibility Webinar, Monday 21 November: Sign-up Page TBC    
  • Access November 2022 Workshop Series: Visual Accessibility Webinar, Tuesday 22 November at 12pm GMT: Sign-up Page TBC
  • Access November 2022 Workshop Series: Neurodiversity & Cognitive Accessibility Webinar, Tuesday 22 November at 5pm GMT: Sign-up Page TBC
  • Accessible Gaming In Action, Wednesday 23 November: Sign-up Page TBC. #RaiseTheGame is teaming up with Everyone Can & Tanglewood Games to host an in-person event at Everyone Can's assistive technology and gaming centre in Manchester. The event will be split into 2 parts where for the first segment a few developers will have the opportunity to join in on one of Everyone Can's gaming sessions to interact with some of the young people Everyone Can support daily to not only see how inclusive gaming can be yet the positive impact it has on their lives too. Following-up, the second part of the event will be a developer networking afterparty to not only give those developers who helped out with the gaming session a chance to relax, yet also facilitate the opportunity to invite local game companies to socialise and try games in a way they might never have done before through one of the various accessible gaming setups Everyone Can have on offer.
  • Access November Virtual Roundtables & Networking Event, Friday 25 November at 12pm GMT: Sign-up Page TBC