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Hub Crawl 2023 session on making games sustainably available to watch now

Last Thursday, Ukie invited some of the best names of sustainable game making to join us on this very green edition of the Ukie Hub Crawl. If you missed it, don’t worry, all talks are now available on Ukie:TV so why not grab yourself a hot drink and enjoy what the latest Hub Crawl had to offer.

First up was Rhea Loucas from Planet Play who was joined by Katie Thompsett from Flick Games. They discussed how being climate aware doesn’t always go against being commercial, and how sustainability goals can be important factors when thinking about company KPIs. Rhea additionally introduced the Planet Play platform and how it worked, and how game developers could get involved. Watch the full video here.

Next was Rob Slade, Steve Pearce and Alex Bowman from On the Edge. On the Edge is an interesting company who uses edge species as inspiration for game design choices, developing interactive experiences that educate as well as entertain. Certainly worth a watch to find out more about these species and how it is the core of their business model. Watch the full video here.

Our final talk was from MJ Widomska from Yrs Truly. MJ presented a detailed talk about how to make your company more sustainable – from the little steps to the big ones. Including both environmental and societal sustainability, MJ discussed how sustainability is a word which can mean many things. When thinking economically, this means fair pay and ethical work, socially being sustainable means treating your staff well and hiring/promoting from diverse backgrounds and environmentally it is about cutting your carbon footprint and being mindful about who your suppliers are. Watch the full video here – and we recommend a notepad to take down all the tips!

Our Hub Crawl hero for this session was Space Ape, who in the UK have done fantastic work not only on holding themselves accountable when thinking about reducing a company’s carbon footprint, but also in educating others. They even have a 4-step guide to sustainability which is the perfect partner to this fireside chat. Watch the full video here.

Thank you again to everyone who attended the session and to our partner Barclays and virtual partner, AWS. We’ll have a round up of Glasgow and the videos uploaded to Ukie:TV this week. Our next stop is Belfast! See you there.