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Glasgow Hub Crawl 2023 talks available to watch now

In February, Ukie headed up to Glasgow to host the Scottish leg of our Hub Crawl. Despite the weather being a little grey and storm warnings a-foot, developers from Glasgow and beyond braved it all to listen to our speakers and to meet peers. It was, once again, an event where we had to shoo the remaining stragglers out way past 8pm – but we don’t mind as it’s evidence of everybody having a good time and reconnecting after the past few years.

First up was Sean Darling from Brilliant Skies who presented an interesting talk about how creators can turn into employees – reflecting both on his own experiences and how he has utilised USG for Brilliant Skies. Fascinating talk both if you are a studio looking to engage your community in the design process and if you a creator – top tips on standing out while contributing. Watch the full video here.

Next was Andrew McMillian from Johnston Carmichael who interviewed Simon Meek from Stacking Chairs about the Scottish Games Industry. Noting how there is an increasing desire to move thinking beyond Scotland being the home of Rockstar North and GTA, and to focus on how many studios whoa re 10  years or less are doing great work in areas such as Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Watch the full talk here.

The final speaker was Korina Abbott from NeonHive who perhaps has taken the award for best title of the hub crawl – ‘Smooch your competitors right on the mouth’! Reflecting on the recent ‘beef’/collaboration between Cult of the Lamb and a variety of other Ips – Korina presented an amusing and light hearted presentation on how to engage with communities of other brands. Watch the full video here.

Finally, our Hub Crawl Hero for Glasgow was Blazing Griffin. Justin and Neil sat down for a cosy 30 minutes where we discussed the origin of Blazing Griffin, the growth of trans-media projects and why Glasgow may be an overlooked hotbed of games talent. Watch the full video here.

Thank you again to our partner Barclays (and for Eagle Labs Glasgow who allowed us to stay until 9pm!). Join us in Belfast for the last in-person Hub Crawl and our last virtual session discussing everything Cloud Software. See you there!