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Barclays Demo Day - everything that happened at the inaugural Mobile Growth Programme showcase

After 7 months of learning, networking, strategizing and support our first cohort from the Mobile Games Growth Programme concluded their time by presenting their games pitches in-front of potential future partners. For over 40 hours, the cohort learnt from stories of success and failure within the mobile games space. Learning about mission and vision, different growth strategies, funding, user acquisition ASO, ad tech, marketing plans, perfecting the pitch and much, much more. Nick Button Brown, (aka the ‘squadron commander’ of the programme) took to the stage to welcome guests and summarise how all parties working together – Ukie, Barclays Games and Esports and all the guest speakers on the series – were able to create the first business acceleration programme specific to the mobile games space. ‘Brilliant people’, Nick emphasised, ‘are always willing to help’, and help was something that shone through these past 7 months. From cohort member to cohort member, to Barclays and Nick, all our guest speakers and beyond – it was the assistance from all which has set our first mobile cohort on the road to success.

The day started and ended with a exhibitions of the games with the companies there to talk to those who wandered over. Intrigued by games of nature (Peanut & Crumb), mental health support (Sidekick Games), teddy bears that fight back (Waving Bear), fun historical learning (Brainspark Games), endless runner using your body to control (Fishbladder Games), and interesting ventures in the metaverse (Firstlight Games and Warfstreet Studios). The space filled up with people playing these games and finding out the stories behind them. To find an in-depth description of the companies – you can find that on an earlier blogpost here. Much missed was Sophie Artemigi who couldn’t attend for personal reasons, however you can check out her work here. Two final studios - W.R.K.S Games and  More Fun With Games were also attending to join in conversations throughout the day.

The pitches themselves were a strict 3 minutes with 5 minutes for questions from a panel of experts – Beatrice Aliprandi (LakeStar), Olliver Heins (BossMode Games and Aonic) and Jack Wang (Project A Ventures). Questions ranged from asking about future growth, explaining decisions on design choices had how audiences may be acquired and retained - all in the spirit of collegiality. After the pitches were complete, the cohort and guests all returned to the exhibition for pizza, drinks and networking.  

A big thank you to our partner Barclays who have provided a fantastic level of support and assistance to the entire programme. To Nick Button Brown, the squadron commander and to all speakers and guests.