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Creative Industries Federation open survey for creative & game exports

The Creative Industries Federation has announced a new survey, collecting data on the value of digital exports to the UK's creative industries, including the games sector.

Working in partnership with the Department for International Trade and Creative Industries Council (CIC), the 15 question survey will deliver an initial set of headline statistics about the variance of export value between the creative industries, including the prominence of digital exports within each area. These results will be published in a short report later in 2018.

As a key member of the CIC, Ukie has long pushed for greater availability of reliable export data and has provided input and guidance to all the organisations involved in regards to exports in the games marketplace. Due to the potentially highly complex transaction processes involved in digital game sales, there will be more work to do once these headline figures come in, but they will still provide a useful top-line assessment of the scale of exports within the UK games industry.

In order to capture a complete a picture as possible about the games sector, we encourage all UK games companies to complete the survey, whatever the scale and stage of their business.

The CIF survey can be found via the link below and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

SURVEY: The Value of Creative Exports 

We will provide a full analysis of the results when they become avialable.