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/gaming by WXY COVID-19 announcement & crisis support

WXY is offering its PR subscription platform, /gaming, for free for the first month to new subscribers to help those releasing a game that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launching in October the service typically costs £55 month and was set up to help indie developers and solo developers releasing their own game to secure media coverage.

Marc, director of WXY says: “We were looking to expand our community getting more subscribers to our service but in the current climate, especially as national government advice is changing daily, it felt a little weird getting people to part with cash for a new service.

As of now, /gaming will be free for the first month to any of those who sign up.“

To obtain the offer used the code FREE2020 at checkout.

WXY will continue to monitor the offer as the current COVID-19 pandemic develops.

Additionally, WXY consultants Gemma and Marc are offering their crisis and issues management skills up to businesses who need support in that area.

Both have previously worked with media personalities, c-suite clients in the energy sector and were part of the award-winning team that managed the crisis and issues of the Manchester Dog’s Home fire.

Gemma Wieczorek co-founder of WXY says: “We cannot ignore our crisis and issue management credentials that we have in the current climate and how we can draw on this to support those who require support.

“We are offering our issues management experience to public sector bodies and want to extend this to the gaming industry both big and small.

This is not a normal service that we offer but these are not normal times and we only hope we can lend a helping hand to those who need it.”

Get in touch with WXY directly if you need support. www.gamingbywxy.com

Link: http://bit.ly/34QnEVT


Ukie has brought forward our annual Ukie Hotline in order to help support UK video game businesses now. The Hotline gives all games companies the opportunity to get quick and free advice from industry experts across various disciplines; PR, legal, recruitment, finance, business development and much more.